Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Demon Captured By Hospital Surveillance Camera

Demon In Hospital Video


  1. I saw this exact thing with my own eyes!!!!! I am a military veteran & while I was in the hospital I saw this thing crawl out of my bathroom! I know I wasn't going crazy because another girl who was in the hospital DREW this demon on some paper, without ever talking to me before! We both saw this in the military hospital, & now two years later this is caught on film?!?!!? I can't even comprehend what this means, but that photo is of the same "creature" or "demon" I saw a few years ago in a California military hospital. I remember the face less blurry, but it's just the photo quality. WOW JUST WOW.....

    1. yes these things r real people need to open their eyes. Thanks for the comment

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