Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Pretty Sure this video of a UFO from the Nellis Air force Base test site is some of the best footage I have ever seen.  The camera following the UFO, follows the object as it climbs higher and higher.  The craft which appears to have some kind of wings jutting from its sides shift shapes as it turns at about 1 min 42 seconds in.  Then the craft fly's toward the sun which camo's it breifly.  The object fly's around in motions unknown to technology on this earth.

Comet Ison UFO Flyby?

Streetcap1 Posted this incredible video of what appears to be Comet ISON flying by.  This comet which has received much attention in the media was supposed to have been demolished when it flew close to our sun.  The remnants however could be still flying around.  But this video proposes that the Comet flew by Earth.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

UFO Found In Mars Curiosity Rover SOL 504 Photo

This is what appears to be a UFO off in the distance of a Mars Curiosity Photo.  The photo which is from SOL 504 appears to show a craft streaking across the Martian sky above.

Original NASA Photo SOL 504 UFO In Mars Sky Top Right Corner
 The above NASA photo can be found by clicking here.
Close Up Of UFO In Mars Curiosity Photo appears to show more detail of the UFO.

Upon further zoom in you can clearly see the UFO take shape with some sort of trail on its end.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

ISON Debris Falling To Earth? Streak Over Phoenix

In this video there appears to be a strange object cruising through the sky leaving a chemical trail however it is rumored that this could be a piece of the comet ISON falling to the earth.  To me it looks like the head of a comet or meteor.  There was no confirmed Meteorites landing in Phoenix that day.  The objects tail also breaks up strangely as well.

Structure Found In Mars Opportunity Rover Photo

I was looking for structures on Mars and came across this photo posted around the web.  Some are calling it a pyramid or a metronome.  To me it looks like a shelter or some sort of entry way maybe to underground tunnels and such.  This structure which was taken by the Mars Opportunity Rover SOL 1402 is very detailed.  It may have some sort of object on the top right of it possibly a handle or button of some sort.  

UFO Sightingz Blog Dome Mars Photo

Mars Anomalies Photo Dome 

Here is the ORIGINAL NASA Link for those interested Click Here

Tuesday, January 21, 2014