Thursday, July 4, 2013

Top Ten UFO Sightings Of 2013

2013 Has been the year of the UFO.  This year we have seen our fair share of Orbs, Triangle Shaped UFOs, NASA Anomalies and more.  But here are the best UFO sightings of 2013 thus far.

10.  Triangle UFO Detroit

This UFO Sighting over Detroit was seen by massive amounts of people and most have seen the triangle shaped object.

9. UFO Texas Runway

This is a UFO Captured by a Pilot over Texas.  This photo is stunningly detailed of a UFO right over the runway.

8. UFO Encounter with a Pilot

Here is another UFO encountering a Pilot

7.    The Dog UFO

This fast UFO is spotted over the right shoulder of the dog who is shaking off water during the sightings.  At first this appears to be just dirt from the dog until the UFO changes directions super fast. Arizona is known for UFO sightings and is a hotbed for them.

6.  Syria UFO Crashes to Earth.

Hundreds of people watched as this UFO came crashing down to Earth!


This Video which some have disputed as being a fake and may very well be shows a UFO leaving the Earth from the ISS live camera.  This video highlights why we need to be watching the ISS footage.  Wether or not this is real it still gets you wondering.  SO watch those ISS videos.

4.  UFO Over Indian!

This UFO was spotted by thousands in India and this photo shows a highly detailed UFO flying over Indian.  The photo was possibly taken by the military and there has been no doubt that this photo has been authenticated.

3.  UFO Over China!

Are we alone? The Chinese seem to have the answer to that question.  Google secret Chinese UFO Base and you will be stunned.  This UFO appears cigar shaped and has multiple rockets on its back.

2.  UFO Over Bradford UK

This video clearly shows a UFO caught in a security camera.  The footage is super important as it was shot by a non human.  This video belongs in the UFO archives.

1,   UFO during live TV Broadcast

This UFO was caught flying through the screen of a live broadcast.  The UFO which is flying at an extremely fast rate is saucer in shape. This video is 1 because it would be very hard to dispute.  Possibly one of the most authentic and credible UFO sightings on this list.

UFO disclosure coming soon and 2013 should prove to be the year of the UFO.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and let me know of any UFO's you have seen online and maybe I will post them on this blog.  Thanks

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