Monday, January 21, 2013

Amazing Triangle Shaped UFOs

Here are links to the Original Photos

Please Thumbs Up, Comment and Share.  This Triangle Shaped UFO found while looking through photos on the NASA archive images site. This Triangle shaped UFO is interesting and important because it is actually captured in two photos.  This UFO is in the more traditional shape.  Given its size relative to earth is it possible that this triangle shaped UFO is responsible for sightings such as the Phoenix Lights?   
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Photo by NASA


  1. The astronaut who took those pictures said it just broke off from the spacecraft

    This is the actual NASA link to the image:

    1. How can you be certain that they are being honest about what they saw. This photo was taken in 1986.

  2. This specific mission STS 61C was an early mission, tiles from the space shuttle did break off now and then, and that's what this picture looks like. This picture is a known phenomenon to space travel. You would have to present some amazing proof to have the world believe that this is in fact something else.
    I'm not certain that they are honest obviously because it wasn't me who took the picture. So it's not a matter of certainty, it's just the fact that a NASA astronaut who had years of training and studying for a mission has a lot more credibility and evidence than this post does. So it requires an even greater amount of evidence and documentation to disprove it. I didn't make these rules, it's the way science has been done for years so it's not just me, it's the entire serious scientific community. And why would they post more than one picture on their official website if you're saying they don't want people to know? Feeding disinformation? They're scientists, they live to bring information. Isn't it safer to assume that every serious scientist in the world hasn't found any proof of UFOs, rather than they are all involved in one mega cover-up conspiracy and only the non-mainstream ones (who don't have half the funding, nor half the facts) are the ones who know about these UFOs?

    The idea that aliens or top-secret spacecraft are flying around is very interesting, and claiming that this is an aircraft would be something extraordinary (believe me, I wish it were). So you also need extraordinary evidence to prove it. The reason the majority of the scientific community accepts NASA's reports is because they are backed by evidence, and any space engineer would probably tell you the exact same thing.
    Believe me, NASA spends BILLIONS of dollars looking for life out there, that's basically one of their main goals. If you REALLY are interested in aliens and truly wish to investigate the possibility of intelligent life in the universe, instead of calling them out for false claims and cover-ups, support them because I can bet you that if someone does find real proof that aliens exist it will be NASA. And going to other planets is a lot more efficient than looking up old mission data and trying to prove they are secret alien photos. NASA is not a secretive organization, neither are any of the space programs around the world. They make videos and presentations and document EVERYTHING that happens on these missions, and they show it all to the public to enlighten what these missions are like.
    This is a video of this mission
    They don't mention this picture obviously because space debris is seen all the time and it's just not interesting (except the fact that if you look at it from a certain angle it looks cool like a UFO). NASA has a youtube channel with beautiful images of every single space shuttle mission, and it shows how amazing space exploration is. Watching these videos (the more recent missions are filmed in HD cameras) show how many phenomena exist in space that people like me didn't know of, so it's not just because we don't fully understand an image that we can cry out UFO.