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Alien Encounter January 6 , 2012


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I am writing to report a UFO sighting and contact.  On January 6th, 2012 at approximately 2300 hours I was contacted by a being.   You see I was star gazing in the forest up near Mormon Lake in Arizona.  The night was black but the stars were bright.  They were so bright that you did not need any type of light to see where you were going.  I was sitting there looking through the scope when my dog started to bark.  My dog who is normally passive rarely barks at all in fact she mostly howls since she is a Beagle.  What is it girl I said to her.  The hairs on the back of her neck started to stick up.  Something was wrong I thought so I went over to the truck and got my rifle.

Thinking in my head could this be a bear or a wolf or some type of predator I started to get worried.  I yelled at my dog to keep keep quite then I called her over to the truck and we stood there for a second very quietly.  There was a shaking in the grass.  The grass started to split apart and I knew that something was odd because it was moving very delicatly.  Out from the darkness I saw its hands.  It was grabbing at the grass and appeared to be pushing itself from it.  This seem weird because grass is not that hard to go through. 

Finally the creatures head poked through the grass and it stopped to look at me.  I could feel it trying to figure me out.  The creature had big black eyes in which the stars reflected off of them.  Its skin was a greyish color and was leather like in texture.  It was wearing some type of clear helmet and its suit had some type of moving energy though it.  Whatever the energy was I could feel it as the creature started to walk closer and closer to me.  I raised up my rifle and yelled out "stop don't come any closer"! The creature did not stop.  My pulse started to beat hard and my hand started to pull back on the trigger.  Then I heard the creature speak.  I not harm human. It said.  I could feel the rifle lowering.  This creature was forcing it down.

The creature got close to me.  Face to face I stared into its eyes.  It did not speak.  As I looked into its eyes I could see star formations moving in it.  It was mesmerizing.  The creature turned around and walked toward my telescope.  It looked into the telescope and then moved it.   Then it turned around and waved then pointed up.  I looked up as it was pointing and when I looked back down it was gone.   I ran over to the telescope and as I peered inside a space craft of some sort was right in the view finder.  The saucer shaped ship spun clockwise and blended in with the sky.  It had yellow lights which were barely visible and the top had a triangle shaped object. 

To this day I can not figure out why the creature visited me or why they wanted to show me their craft.  But I am glad they did.

That is about all

Happy UFO Hunting

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