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DATE: October 8, 2010.

At Project UFO Skywatch, we receive UFO videos from people worldwide.


UFOs are not necessarily alien space-craft from another galaxy and/or dimension piloted by more intelligent beings than humans, since they could very well represent military terrestrial craft or natural phenomena.

At Project UFO Skywatch, we take pride in not uploading fraudulent bullshit videos since all material is captured from people around the world, then carefully analyzed and verified.

Our objective here at Project UFO Skywatch is to gather as many UFO videos from around the world in order to know who is inside these craft and the reason for alien visitation, if any.

BEWARE: If this Channel disappears it will re-surface with the same LOGO.

If you have captured any UFOs on video and would like to remain anonymous, please send your video to the following email address: with the exact date and location of your sighting and let the truth be known!

UFO Object X Caught on Hublle, Michio Kaku says the phenomenon

UFO Object X Caught on Hublle, Michio Kaku says the phenomenon

Conspiracies, Shadow Govt. & UFOs - Jim Marrs - Coast to Coast AM Classic

UFO over Israel November 23 2012 - Amazing Footage!!


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Coast to Coast AM - Nov 20 2012 - Physics News & Afterlife Communication...

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Date: 11-20-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michio Kaku, Julia Assante

In the first half, theoretical physicist and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku, discussed the latest science stories in the news, including monster solar flares, and the search for dark matter. Lately, the sun has been throwing "temper tantrums," with some very large solar flares, he said, and as we head into the maximum of the sunspot cycle, "the fear is that one of these solar flares could hit the Earth," like the event that occurred in 1859, which fried telegraph wires. He also noted that the asteroid Apophis could be a threat to our planet when it flies by in 2029, and again in 2036, though the odds have diminished somewhat that it will be a direct hit.

Regarding parallel universes, string theory might eventually prove their existence in other dimensions, he said. As to the concept of the "multiverse," our universe could be considered like a bubble, and there could be other bubbles existing in a kind of bubble bath, he explained, and sometimes these bubbles bump into each other resulting in something like the Big Bang. What existed before the Big Bang? "We should find evidence of an 'umbilical cord'...perhaps connecting our universe to a parallel universe," he posited. NASA is considering launching LISA, a laser space antenna that could reveal data of our cosmological origins, he reported.

Beyond the Higgs, he spoke about the next set of particles that could be discovered by the Large Hadron Collider. Called sparticles or super particles, they are "the next octave on the string," invisibly vibrating on a higher level, he said. These sparticles may be what dark matter is, he added. Dr. Kaku also talked about reports of rogue planets, as well as wandering black holes, which could pose grave dangers to a solar system.


In the latter half, scholar of Ancient Near-Eastern Studies, Julia Assante, who gave up the rigors of academia to pursue her passion for after-life science, discussed her exploration of the connection between the living and the departed. An intuitive and medium, she was able to communicate with the dead from an early age, and suggested that anyone can learn to do this by becoming more receptive. The fear of death runs the modern world, and is exploited by various institutions and industries, conveying the message that "the body is a time bomb, and death is a failure," she commented. Yet, she ascertains that by getting rid of the fear of death, people actually live more robust, happier lives.

The afterlife reality is created by consciousness, so you bring things that are familiar to you into it, she said. The Other Side is not a specific place, as such, and while you could "reconstruct a house from your childhood...that gives you a certain amount of comfort or furthers you along in your self discovery," that doesn't mean you'll be staying there on any kind of permanent basis, she noted. For more, check out this video clip in which Assante expounds on the afterlife.


Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics and the environment. He holds the Henry Semat Professorship in Theoretical Physics at the City College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He has lectured around the world and his Ph.D. level textbooks are required reading at many of the top physics laboratories. Dr. Kaku graduated from Harvard in 1968, summa cum laude, and number one in his physics class.

He received a Ph.D. from the University. of California at Berkeley Radiation Laboratory in 1972. He held a lectureship at Princeton University in 1973. He then joined the faculty at the City University of New York, where he has been a professor of theoretical physics for 25 years. His goal is to help complete Einstein's dream of a theory of everything, a single equation, perhaps no more than one inch long, which will unify all the fundamental forces in the universe.

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Coast to Coast AM - Nov 15 2012 - GMO Dangers / Home Farming C2CAM

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Date: 11-15-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Barbara H. Peterson, Marjory Wildcraft

In the first half, writer/activist Barbara H. Peterson discussed the problematic health effects of GMO (genetically modified) foods on the general population. She first became aware of the severity of the issue in 2005, when she cured herself of a debilitating skin condition by identifying and eliminating GMO foods from her diet. Corn and soy are the main culprits, but as much as 85% of the food on grocers' shelves contains some amounts of GMOs, she reported. Further, she cited the issue of GMO contamination in organic foods sold in the US. The USDA has not set a threshold standard for this, as the European Union has done. She also spoke about the recent defeat of Prop 37 in California, an initiative that would have required GMO foods to be labeled as such. Monsanto and cohorts spent millions dishing out propaganda, and there may have been voter fraud involved in the election results, she commented.

Peterson presented details of the recently published independent Seralini peer-reviewed study testing GMO corn. The test rats fed the corn came down with massive tumors, organ failure, and premature death. These findings, she noted, have prompted the French government to call for an investigation into GMOs, and Russia to suspend imports of GMO corn. She also touched on the issue of synthetic engineering, and made suggestions on how to combat GMOs by growing your own food, or bartering with neighbors and small nearby farmers.


In the latter half, expert in backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft, discussed her efforts toward food sustainability and shared tips on how to grow your own foods. There is only a four-day food supply in grocery stores, and many foods are trucked in from a great distance, so it's imperative that people are prepared to get by on their own in the event of a crisis, she argued. Wildcraft recommended that people start small, with a 4 x 12.5 ft. gardening bed. If you're just getting started during the colder seasons, she suggested growing several herbs (like basil or chives) placed in pots in a window sill, which can make meals tastier, and impart gardening experience.

For outdoor growing, using compost is essential, as it enriches the soil, and makes produce more nutritious, she noted. As far as seeds, she said to look for open-pollinated, heirloom, or organic, and then after a harvest, the new seeds can be saved for the next planting. Wildcraft spoke about the importance of community, for trading and sharing resources, and she also advocated for the home butchering of animals, such as rabbits, as she believes a lot of meats sold in grocery stores are not healthy.


Barbara H. Peterson is retired from the California Department of Corrections, where she worked as a Correctional Officer at Folsom Prison. She was one of the first females to work at the facility in this classification. After retirement, she went to college online to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Business, and graduated with honors.

Now her business degree sits in her desk drawer, and she counts herself in the category of writer/activist. She lives on a small ranch in Oregon where she raises geese, chickens, horses, Oggie Dog, a variety of cats, and an opinionated Macaw named Rita. This rural lifestyle is being threatened by a combination of increasing Federal regulations and corporate shenanigans such as NAIS and Monsanto's invasive GMO technology designed to make it next to impossible to raise animals and organic food.


Marjory Wildcraft came to organic agriculture and sustainable living from a political angle. She and her husband, Dave, were previously real estate investors who, around 2003, became alarmed at the potential instability of the financial markets and peak oil, as well as alternative 9/11 theories. Deciding to walk the walk, they liquefied their assets, bought land in Bastrop County and moved their family of four to their new homestead and learned to live sustainably. They took classes like Citizen Forester at TreeFolks, and homesteading courses on topics such as goat milking, beekeeping, soap making and biointensive gardening, offered by Homestead Heritage and World Hunger Relief, Inc. Marjory produced the DVD entitled, Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm, which is available through her website.

Today's UFO Sighting 2012 Real Alien UFO caught on tape Over Eureka, Cal...

UFOs & Aliens In Advertising - Peter Robins LIVE

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Features an amazing array of UFO and Alien TV commercials from around the world. Author and Researcher Peter Robins puts to rest many preconceived beliefs about the impact of UFOs and Aliens portrayed in advertising as part of a plan to prepare society for full disclosure that UFOs are real. Paralleling the past few decades of UFO reports, incidents and alien abduction accounts, UFOs and aliens have had a hand in selling everything from breakfast cereal to computers. Is this simply a matter of the advertising industries taking advantage of imagery already ingrained in popular culture, or is something deeper and more methodical at work here? Get the facts in this detailed presentation. Taped LIVE at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference.

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The advertising revenue from this program helps to cover the heavy production costs of putting on the on-going UFO Crash Con event.

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Baby Alien or Naked Baby Sasquatch captured (Teamtazerbigfoot) Bigfoot 2...

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Naked baby Alien or mutated baby Sasquatch capture in remote Mexican jungle. Sign of 2012 and the end of the world? Upcoming invasion? Or a dwarf Bigfoot? You decide.

Strange Lights Over Yuma, AZ - KYMA News11 - Aug. 15, 2012

News 11 received dozens of phone calls and more than 200 comments on their Facebook page from viewers who saw a strange formation of lights over Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

Photos and video from viewers showed a V-like formation of lights in the sky.

MCAS Yuma's Capt. Staci Reidinger says the lights were part of a Harrier jet training mission. "We had our Harriers flying over Barry Goldwater range, which is close to where people were saying they saw something unusual," said Capt. Reidinger.

Capt. Reidinger says the jets were deploying aircraft parachute flares, which she says are used in combat like floating flood lights to illuminate the battle field.

The formation is similar to the "Phoenix Lights" of March, 1997, where several A-10 Warthog jets were dropping parachute flairs in the Goldwater Range, which sits west of Phoenix. The flares were dropped in a similar V-shaped pattern.

Main Show Only - Underwater UFO Sightings - Coast to Coast AM

Reptilians & Underground Bases - John Rhodes - Coast to Coast AM Classic

Coast to Coast AM - Nov 14 2012 - Hopi Legends & Prophecy C2CAM

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UFOs Appearing in West Texas - November 12, 2012

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NewsWest 9 - MIDLAND - A man is making an extraordinary claim that he's seen UFO's fly over the Basin. The person NewsWest 9 interviewed wanted to remain anonymous and he's associated with the Laredo Paranormal Research Society.

"The facts are above our skies in the Permian Basin. We are seeing the lights, we are seeing stars, we are seeing crafts. My belief is that they're transporting something or someone, and depending on how in depth you would like to open Pandora's box, we're thinking of course, they're aliens," the man said.

He said the lights that he's been seeing going across the sky are following each other at different altitudes and he's able to do that with a special type of night vision binoculars that the military uses.

"What do you say to those people who say you're crazy?" NewsWest 9 asked.

"Seeing is believing, but if you don't believe that's ok. We're not out here to win anyone, win anybody over and prove to anybody anything. It is what it is. There's enough facts, there's enough proof out there that we know that they're there, we don't know what they want. We know that the government is covering all of this up," he said.

There's tons of video of possible UFO sightings all over the Internet. There are possible UFO images that were captured by third generation night vision technology from the Laredo Paranormal Research Society. The organization claims the crafts resemble a triangle with spheres at each of its vortices and cruising at an altitude of 1,000 feet going 80 miles per hour.

They enhanced the video to prove it with color spectrums and temperature filters. Our source says these crafts are appearing and disappearing in our solar systems through portals.

"At times, it's in an area where there are no stars. Simple blackness and what I've been noticing, even though you see the light go across the sky, it may be very bright, all of the sudden it starts to fade out and completely disappears. There wont be any moon out or there may be a full moon out, but nevertheless, they're appearing out of nowhere and they're disappearing out of thin air," he said.

NewsWest 9 took a shot to see if we could see any crafts through his binoculars but we couldn't see anything that night but stars.

What keeps the man interested is the unknown.

"Different, millions of solar systems out there. There's no way that we can be the only ones here," he said.

He added that after December 21 is when we'll start to see more of them and they'll more visible.


Laredo 2012 UFO Conference Lecture 4 - Ismael Cuellar - Laredo UFO Myste...

Laredo 2012 UFO Conference Lecture 4 - Ismael Cuellar - Laredo UFO Mysteries

Two UFOs Cruise Over Popocat├ępetl 2012 HD

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Two UFOs flyover the active Volcano Popocat├ępetl, the volcano has been a UFO hotspot for years with hundreds of sightings.

breaking news ufo sighting on today show

Unidentified Object in Mars Curiosity Photos

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Stunning UFO Photographed By NASA 2012 HD

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This is a stunning picture of what can only be described as an unknown object, or UFOs next to the ISS. NASA has lied for decades about the ET activity in and around our planet, pictures likes this, from their own website, prove that NASA are continuing to lie to the people of the world. Link to NASA image is on my Facebook page, check it out.

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UFO - Well you don't see this everyday! - Infrared filter - Melbourne Au...

Breaking News UFO Sightings Triangle Formation Of lights Over Miami Watc...

UFO Sighting Captured by Janet of Miami, FL November 1, 2012 Permission Granted to Thirphaseofmoon. We have stabilized the footage along with a 600% zoom. Notice in 300% speed the objects seem to have an intelligent way of navigating. If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! To watch original video visit Janet's youtube channel acostaj24 click here.

Amazing UFO Near the Sun Captured

Glowing UFOs Over Churilov, Russia 2012

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Late in the evening, people noticed glowing lights in the sky, weird glowing objects appeared and flew over our town for at least an hour. Objects were moving against the wind so they could not be lanterns, at least five glowing objects were witnessed by residents.

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Cloaked UFO #1

Possible UFO Footage From Florida

Along a wooded section of I-10 in the panhandle of Florida just north of Panama City, a man claims to have spotted a UFO then the object reportedly shot through the sky.

UFO Sightings Huge Flying Starship Spotted over Pensacola? Outstanding F...

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On November 6 around 8:30 pm Alan Sharp was returning home from Pensacola down Highway 98 through Vaval Like Oaks area, when Alan spotted a lighted saucer shaped craft in the air across from the Santa Rosa Bank. Alan pulled over and began to film this Huge Craft for over 10 minutes. Alan has promised Thirdphaseofmoon the entire raw footage in the coming weeks! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

The Best Of UFO's & Beautiful Lights - [November 2012 Part 1]

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Unidentified Objects Photographed from International Space Station Real ...

These are images taken by Astronauts on the International Space Station. These are amazing UFO photos as they are You can find the image files here. This is probably my favorite photo it shows a UFO floating above the earth. The end photo made me speechless and I just might do a video based on just that image. This is some real UFO's and the photos are from a government website which is amazing! I was informed that these photos are of an object known as the black knight satellite. Other explanations include that its a probe from an alien ship. Some have said that it changed course to avoid a rocket and others say that it will land on Earth in 2016. What is this mysterious object?

Note: The page may take some time to load and may be slow at uploading images to you.

You can also check out this too, if you are having problems getting to the images.Be sure to check out the UFO sightings blog at

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always look up!

Images can be found at the NASA Johnson Space Center Government site.



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