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Do you believe in life after death (after death, after death, after death)?

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Space Station Cameras Capture Views of Approaching Hurricane Sandy

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From an altitude of 254 statute miles, external cameras on the International Space Station captured views of Hurricane Sandy at 11:16 a.m. Eastern time October 29, 2012 as it barreled toward a landfall along the New Jersey coastline. Significant impacts of storm surge and flooding are expected along the eastern seaboard from the Middle Atlantic states to New England. At the time of the flyover, Sandy was located 260 miles south-southeast of New York City, moving north-northwest at 18 miles an hour with winds measured at 90 miles an hour as a Category 1 hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center. Landfall along or just south of the southern New Jersey coast is expected late in the evening on October 29 after which a turn to the west-northwest is expected. After moving inland over the mid-Atlantic states, a decrease in forward speed is expected. By mid-week, Sandy, as a post-tropical cyclone, is forecast to move northward and then northeastward across Pennsylvania and New York state dropping significant amounts of rainfall

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UFO over Hurricane Sandy from Space Station

Mars Curiosity UFOs and More (playlist)

Amazing UFO in Kentucky

Declassified Documents UFOs & Nuclear Sites

UFO Cylinder Enter Creator of Popocatépetl, Mexico October 2012

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Credit to original video link
According to analyzes is a 1 mile long and over 200 meter wide...

I still searching for the original video from here, will upload if the video is available

UFO ET Mummy Found in Egypt 2012 discovered by Dr. Viktor Lubek

UFOs - Ships of Light - Full Length Feature Film

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80 Minute Feature Film - 2 Time EBE Award Winner - Directed by UFO Researcher and Anthropologist Michael Hesemann. On a dark and lonely road in the mountains of Mexico, Carlos Diaz had an encounter with UFOs that changed his life forever. Thousands of eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists and even the Mayor of Mexico City have also share this same story of an alien encounter with UFOs. Learn about messages received by Carlos Diaz from his UFO alien encounters and what meaning they hold for us here on Earth. Features stunning film footage, video and photos of alien UFOs.

NOW on DVD from UFOTV® - Ships of Light 2-DVD Special Edition - Cat# U440 - Go to

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Amazing UFO fleet landing in France, Oct 2012

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Amazing Footage of Hurricane Sandy from Space

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This is a video released by Nasa of Hurricane Sandy as seen from the International Space Station. This hurricane is a huge one and will hit the East Coast with huge force. This massive hurricane has already caused huge damage in the Caribbean. This storm is so huge it is being called Frankenstorm. Major impacts will be felt. The so called Perfect storm could potentially cause mass devastation.

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Mysterious Entity !! Caught on camera trying to kill Base Jumpers. Evil ...

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Watch how this mysterious entity flies in and breaks the safety line. Which cause this Base Jumper to fall over the cliff Luckily he was able to pull his parachute on time . This video has been enhanced so that you can see the entity and where the rope breaks What could this be ? I called it a UFO because I have no Idea what it could be and it is an Unidentified Flying Object. Check it out and tell me what you think.

UK blocks 'UFO-hacker' Gary McKinnon US extradition

Published on Oct 16, 2012 by 
Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that Gary McKinnon, who was accused of hacking into the Pentagon's computer network, will not be extradited to the US. The move is due to the risk of McKinnon ending his own life - READ MORE


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Unidentified Object on Mars

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Found this Unidentified Object while searching Mars Photographs. This set of photos is from NASA Opportunity Navigation Camera SOL 115. Some other websites are reporting that there is wood in the photos. I noticed that the white glowing dot appears in three different photos with three different camera angles. Its as if whatever the camera was photographing was being blinded by a possible reflection or some sort of strange object. I zoomed in and it seemed even stranger because the reflection changes. See for yourself here is the link . Proof of life on Mars? Wiki Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a robotic space probe mission to Mars launched by NASA on November 26, 2011 which successfully landed Curiosity, a Mars rover, in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012.The overall objectives include investigating Mars' habitability, studying its climate and geology, and collecting data for a manned mission to Mars.The rover carries a variety of scientific instruments designed by an international team Thanks for your help and happy UFO hunting! Be sure to check out the UFO sightings blog at

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Disclosure Bruce Maccabee EX US Navy Analysis on UFO cases Part 1

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Coast to Coast AM is a North American (U.S. and Canada) late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics, but most frequently ones that relate to either the paranormal or conspiracy theories. The program is distributed by Premiere Networks, both as part of its talk network and separately as a syndicated program. The program currently airs seven nights a week 1:05 a.m. 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time (10:05 p.m. 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time).

Originally created and hosted by Art Bell, as of 2012 the program is hosted on most nights by George Noory. According to estimates by Talkers Magazine, Coast to Coast AM draws approximately 3 million listeners, making it the most listened-to program in its time slot, though its popularity has declined significantly since about 2005 due to Bell's retirement from full-time hosting duties.

Best Of UFO Sightings Of June 2012, AFO

Hovering ORANGE/RED UFO October 11, 2012 Pennsylvania, Mimics Planet/Sta...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

UFO SIGHTING over MEXICO | October 6, 2012 | Raw and Unedited.

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by 
Raw and unedited version of October 6, 2012 UFO over Mexico City. Twenty minutes of footage for all those skeptics out there. Strange worm or snake-looking object. The AZTECS used to speak of the returned of the plumed serpent and many think that these appearances have to do with the old Aztec legend of Quetzalcoatl. It is said that they too witnessed these objects and they thought they were flying serpents or plumed serpents. This object morphs and glows. This video is courtesy of Daniel Hernandez and we would like to thank Daniel.

Date: October 7, 2012
Courtesy of: Daniel Hernandez

UFOs are making themselves known to populations all over the globe by posing themselves practically over every city and town in the world. It's been going on for most of 2012 but mostly there has been an increase in UFO sightings worldwide over these past three months. It's time to wake up.

At Project UFO Skywatch, we receive UFO videos from people worldwide.

UFOs are not necessarily alien space-craft from another galaxy and/or dimension piloted by more intelligent beings than humans, since they could very well represent military terrestrial craft or natural phenomena.

The objects in the videos presented herein are unidentified thus far.

At Project UFO Skywatch, we take pride in not uploading fraudulent videos since all material is carefully analyzed and verified.

Our objective here at Project UFO Skywatch is to gather as many UFO videos from around the world to do a comparative study on the subject in order to know who is inside these craft and the reason for alien visitation, if any.

If you have captured any UFOs on video and would like to remain anonymous, please send your video to the following email address: with the exact date and location of your sighting and let the truth be known!

Squad of UFOs over Europe

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by 
Fleet of UFOs captured over Europe scares People.
- More Videos at: &
OR See Story -

According to archaeologists and scientists, Egyptian hieroglyphics show images of UFO's. One of the designs in the hieroglyphics were also seen in Mexico in pottery and stonework. One scientist stated "the UFO shapes are very technical in design and they have no place in the minds of very primitive people working in very crude circumstances." Advanced astronomical, mathematical and geometrical knowledge, taught in schools today originated in ancient Egypt. Where did it come from? The Egyptians seemed to have a deep understanding of outer space. There are images of spirals in Egyptian hieroglyphics, meaning energy, galaxies, etc. There are also images of half human half animal creatures, as well as reptillian creatures. Some people think that those are images of extraterrestrials. Images in a 3,000 year old New Kingdom Temple in Egypt shows images of modern day helicopters, submarines, and what appears to be UFO's on the ceiling.

There is ongoing speculation of alien intervention with pyramid construction and design, and theories surrounding time traveling aliens and Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi. It's described as an age when "sky Gods" came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water. They supposedly flew through the sky in, what they described as "flying boats" and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of pharaohs.

How Were The Pyramids Built?

The Great Pyramid is the only survivor out of all seven ancient wonders. This pyramid is thought of to been built over a span of 20 years. Each stone ranges from 1 to 20 tons in weight, and the Great Pyramid has over 100,000 stones. The Egyptians didn't have any machinery, engines, or construction devices. How did they lift these heavy stones with no equipment?

Main Show Only - Police UFO Sightings - Coast to Coast AM

Published on Oct 10, 2012 by 
October 2012 Full shows @
200 classic shows Volumes 1 & 2

Date: 04-20-12
Host: Rob Simone
Guests: Gary Heseltine
Filling in for George Noory, Rob Simone (email) welcomed British police detective Gary Heseltine for a discussion on UFO sightings by law enforcement officers in the United Kingdom. Heseltine recalled an impactful UFO experience he had as a teenager, in which a flying bright white light caused the power grid to shut off as it moved slowly and silently over his town. Heseltine said he began compiling other credible UFO accounts from police officers, pilots, and even astronauts, out of frustration for how the mainstream media had trivialized their puzzling experiences. He presented several cases he has gathered over the past 10 years.

In an account from 1979, three police officers patrolling a rural area outside of London reported a flash of light off in the distance, Heseltine relayed. Five minutes later an object the size of a soccer field appeared in the skies above them about a 1/4 mile away and only 500 feet above the ground, he continued. The object reportedly shined a beam onto the terrain, had several smaller objects flying around it, and vanished in the blink of an eye, Heseltine added. A case from 1969 chronicles a police constable who claimed to have witnessed nine pearl white objects traveling in a v-formation. According to Heseltine, this account was corroborated by several other officers, all of whom were told by commanders to not discuss what they had seen.

Heseltine estimated that about 72% of his UFO files are multiple officer cases—a fact that makes these accounts indisputable in his mind. Superiors often tell officers to keep quiet about unusual sightings, and sometimes evidence gets lost, he noted. As an example, he talked about a 2006 case involving a police helicopter crew that reported seeing a UFO. Heseltine later uncovered that the log entry for this incident had mysteriously vanished from the records. Some hard evidence does exist though. Dashboard camera footage from 2003 shows a police officer in pursuit of a cluster of bright white lights that suddenly disappear, he revealed. Heseltine also shared the Alan Godfrey abduction story.

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Pursuing UFO´s in Sävedalen by car 2012.10.10