Thursday, August 2, 2012

ROD-TYPE UFO FOOTAGE in HD: Ontario, Canada--July 31, 2012

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This footage was shot in 720p High-Definition video from the back deck of my home on the shore of lake Huron during daylight. I am witness to many strange objects in the skies and quite often do not have time to record them. Many things simply move too quickly and the "sighting" is over in a matter of seconds. Recently, I have begun to set my camera up and simply let it run in an attempt to capture these bizarre and fast-moving objects. On this day, I had a great success. The camera is stationary, laying flat on its' back using a 5x OPTICAL zoom. There are no special optical filters and no night-vision gear being used. Although I was expecting to eventually capture some of the white orbs or spheres that pass over head, I captured this incredible footage of a high-speed rod-type UFO, instead. Four minutes after the appearance of the rod-type UFO, one of the strange white planes that we occasionally see passed through the footage. I have broken down and analyzed that in this video, as well. Although the "fake plane" footage might be dubious or inconclusive, the UFO footage is perfect and in my opinion absolutely solid and undeniable proof. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING. As always, please comment with your polite and insightful opinions.

All material in this video is Copyrighted by William L. Smith aka PLANETunderATTACK 2012 with all rights reserved.

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