Thursday, July 26, 2012

UFO New Orleans 11/12/2011

Uploaded by on Nov 13, 2011
This video was shot on Bourbon St. early Sunday morning at 12 AM. These objects were floating across the sky for about 5 minutes before I decided to start recording and continued on for about 5 minutes after I stopped. There has been some speculation whether or not these are lanterns, but I can say this. If these were lanterns released from a wedding, I find it hard to believe that a wedding would be in session at 12 AM, even if it is in New Orleans. I am from here and I can say that we do not have weddings this late. Another thing, if you notice @ 0:23, two of the objects entering from the right appear to be somewhat close to each other. As they make their way across the sky one of them appears to be accelerating. Just one "lantern" would not do this on it's own because of wind speed, most or all the "lanterns" would follow the wind pattern, especially if they are in front of each other and at the same altitude.; Some also appear to be in formation at times. Im not implying that these are aliens, I just don't exactly believe a hundred percent that these are wishing lanterns. Hope u enjoyed the video, and feel free to leave non douche bag comments and theories. And come to NOLA and party. It's a blast. Go Saints!

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