Sunday, July 1, 2012

UFO Light Beam Alien Contact Maya Chichen Itza Pyramid HD 720p Ovni Docu...

Thankyou,UFOHunter1690 for this video.

Some days ago, a thread of ATS forum reported a photo of a massive beam of
light caught in Chichen Itza, Mexico. Right above the pyramid of Kukulkan. The image (3 actually) supposedly taken by Massimo Fratini, an UFO researcher, is available in his website "Segni dal Cielo" (Signs from the Sky), but instead the 2048x1536 hi-res image, he provided just low-res cropped samples and it's pretty clear he sent the hi-res ones to the Mexican investigator Jaime Maussan. I sent several e-mails to Fratini, asking copies of these photos to a futher analysis, but none of my contacts were answered. Last day another thread of ATS provided a link to a video posted on You Tube, a sample of the TV show of Maussan, in the Mexican TV, releasing one of the Fratini's photos. The one where appears the light
beam. Curiously, in another picture a possible UFO spotted, far away from the pyramid, but this photo was just ignored by Maussan that kept the lights of his show over the supposed event in the Kukulkan pyramid. Well, I noticed a blatant detail that may suggest a possible hoax. Once the hi-res photos are not available to further investigations and regarding the odd reputation of Maussan, the signs of a bogus UFO event seem more evident. I did this video to prevent people being misled by false flags. I hope that Fratini put his hi-res photos available to clean up any misunderstood. Or if anyobody else have images of this light beam

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