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Secret Nasa - Real Footage!

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WARNING: This video might shock you, and may even scare you! However this is not my reason for posting it. This video is about just what the title states. It's about Moon, Nasa, and Bla Bla Bla

"So I can hear what you're saying: 'But you guys replicated the moon shot on a set, and you're special effects artists. You're exactly the kind of guys that NASA would've hired to do this kind of thing in the first place!'"
-Adam Savage, Mythbusters Moon Scam on Youtube 3:35. No rocket flame on LEM "blastoff" at 0:01. No stars.
youtube watch?v=Wym04J_3Ls0

"Surprisingly, the Moon is a moderately bright gamma-ray source. The only part of the electromagnetic spectrum where the Moon is brighter than the Sun is gamma rays. The surface of the Moon is baldly exposed to cosmic rays and solar flares. When cosmic rays hit the ground, they produce a dangerous spray of secondary particles right at your feet, and trigger little nuclear reactions that release yet more radiation in the form of neutrons. The lunar surface itself is radioactive!"
-Dr Robert Naeye PhD, NASA GLAST Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope, Solar System: Sun, Moon, and Earth, 23 August 2007

Missing Lunar Orbiter Tapes Surface at McDonalds

"With Explorer 1, the highest rate we could observe was 2,000 counts per second. We were able to calibrate that apparatus after the fact. We did a laboratory calibration on a spare instrument using that calibration curve of 100,000 counts per second. The intense radiation saturated the counter."
-Dr James Van Allen

"During orbit after orbit the counter of Explorer III was silent for 15 minutes. When the satellites swung down again to lower levels, they resumed reporting reasonable numbers of cosmic rays. Van Allen was sure that no ray-free belt could exist between the earth and space. The only reasonable explanation, he decided, was that the silenced Geiger tubes had been knocked out temporarily by radiation too intense for them to handle. The belt may extend outward for two earth radii (8,000) miles before it disappears. A small amount of lead shielding would reduce the dose to a supportable level."
-Time Magazine, May 12, 1958

"Cosmic particles are dangerous, come from all sides, and require at least 2 meters of solid shielding all around living organisms. Earth's atmosphere provides about 30 meters of shielding."
-Professor John Moulding PhD, NASA employee on deep space robots, Prospects for Intersteller Travel

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. This is the great dragon of chapter 12, Satan or Azazel. He has a number of names, but in each case, he is the king of all the demons, Lucifer, who became Satan."
-Revelation 9:11, Christian Bible, KJV with Forerunner Commentary

Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey shows spacecraft on the Moon without any rocket exhaust and no sound inside the spaceraft, just like Apollo. Kubrick's 2001 sequel 2010 shows a moon of Jupiter exploding into a new star named Lucifer. Di Kubrick direct Apollo?

Apollo Ambient Chillout Free MP3 Download

Alien UFO on the Moon (New)

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