Monday, July 16, 2012

Recent New York UFO Sightings - December 2011

Uploaded by on Dec 28, 2011
In my recent hunts for new UFO footage, I've come across enough footage out of New York to warrant a compilation video :) December 2011.

It seems the two events on December 26 correlate with one another.

You can't see them in Loweman08's video, but he states there are approx. 15 -red- lights in the sky "going crazy". We're able to make out at least two of those lights. Then over on 1coerudelemiere's NYC Webcam captures from the same night, we see SEVERAL spheres of light in the sky, some obviously red.

I wonder if they were the same objects in both cases...(but i really wish more people were Awake to see this...)

Various youtube sources, listed on screen... check them out. Meow!

I dunno why, but my favorite one is the shortest one, and it was only 240p resolution, lol xD the black dot hovering over the person driving. just odd.

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