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Filmed in Altata, Mexico. July 5, 2012.

This is in the Poster of the video's description:

I decided to go for my nightly walk like usual i did this after i posted on my facebook that i was heading outside for a walk to possibly conduct some skywatching to, after about 3-5 minutes into the walk i start hearing this familiar sound which sounds like a helicopter, just as i suspected a police helicopter was in the vicinity. The helicopter kept moving to every location i was heading towards, it was almost as if they were predicting my movements, this implies that i am probably being monitored by them whenever they get a hit on their UFO radar or that they are spying on me via facebook or the internet in order to calculate when i am going to try to record the UFO´s.

After about 20 minutes i decided to remove my cell phone battery and the chip to see if they stopped following me around and "mysteriously" appear near the locations where i was heading all of the time, and off course they did stop after about 3-4 minutes that i removed the battery they turned back..

On the way back home i spotted a UFO that appeared very briefly before my eyes just to show me that they are always around when this happens, that the police helicopters don´t show up without a reason.

As usual nothing was mentioned in the media anywhere about the police helicopter..

Nothing else happened last night apart from the UFO or possibly chinese lantern that appeared, since it was so high up and my zoom is not that good i was unable for sure to tell what it was, i let you decide on this one.

Excuse my absence on my youtube, facbook group and forum by the way, i am not feeling very social at this moment.

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