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Footage is property of Barry Taylor and UFO Magazine UK.
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Here senior ufologist Barry Taylor conducts a brilliant analysis of the NASA STS-75 tether footage and proves that the objects in question are all infact in front of the tether, out of focus and closer to the camera.

Debunks used here are:

#1 ZOOM FOCUS. Closer look at a brief camera focus which proves the objects to be closer to the camera and not near the tether or further away.

#2 CLOCKED NOTCHES. An examination and analysis of the notches around the airy disk's outer edge which prove to be caused by the camera optics and correlate with the object's position in the FOV (field of view).

#3 BLACK EXPOSURE LINES. Black exposure lines effected by the semi-transparent airy disc objects passing infront of the tether and not behind. The tether line going more out of focus as the airy disks move over it.

#4 (to be filled in shortly)

#5 (to be filled in shortly)

#6 (to be filled in shortly)

Rubber band demonstrations showing the airy discs pass infront of the tether.

Demonstrations of how objects closer to the camera are within a smaller field of view and how this exaggerates their movement.

It's troubling to see a growng number of people being decieved by tether ufo believers who have not done the necessary rigorous analysis or even attempted to verify what logical clear minded professionals suggest they look at. Even documentary filmmakers are using this STS-75 footage as ufological evidence for alien life which it most definitely is not. A common reaction to this footage is that the viewer "believes" they are looking at UFOs so much so that they do not need to look at anything further. Only evidence which is rigorously analyzed and put to the test is worth anything substantial.

This page will be updated as I do the necessary research.
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