Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UFO over San Jose, June 17 2012

I live in South San Jose (Almaden) and first spotted UFOs over the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve on 16th June at 8.50 pm - my wife saw them too. I took this video (on my phone) the next night when just one UFO appeared at the same time, and hung around for 15 minutes. On both occasions, the objects emitted white, green and red slow pulsing light. They object in this video moves from side to side across the sky and at times soars high above the mountains in the distance. It's hard to see just how bright the light is from this video, but the objects really shone when at their brightest then fade to almost disappear before glowing again. I estimate the UFO is about a mile away from where I filmed this, which should be close enough to hear some sound from a conventional aircraft, but there was complete silence. This is 100% genuine.

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