Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Satellites or UFOs Cross Paths Over Buenos Aires, Argentina (MUFON#...

From YouTube

UPDATE: I just checked for visible passes of known satellites that would be passing over Buenos Aires last night (June 24) - here are the results!

HubbleTls 06:51:48 am WNW// 06:55:15 35° 3.4 (dim)
SkyMed 1 07:27:31 am S // 07:31:45 48° 2.7 (visible)
SkyMed 1 06:18:29 pm NNE // 06:22:53 84° 2.0 (visible)

The eyewitness' report (or whats left of it after translation): June 24, 2012 - UFO activity is recorded for Argentina Buenos Aires, a "double Ufo Lenticular" UFO / Orb was recorded while traveling at high altitude, to the northern part of the city in its path, next to the moon, was used Sony Trv 310 in Infrared

The sequence was compared with lists also Heaven's Above Satellite, since
and also minutes before there were "abnormal" broken crosses, which
Different from satellite routes which were meticulously
controlled and recorded which were filed several steps visible
type of Cosmos Satellites that if they were in the evening."

I think he's trying to say that he checked to see what satellites might be passing over head at that time.

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